We proudly offer telemedicine visits with your provider. These can be scheduled online or by calling the main office. It is important that you obtain any vital signs such as weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate or any other information that may help the provider take the best care of you prior to your telemedicine visit.


Telemedicine services allow you to schedule a virtual consultation with your healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms. If you’re on vacation and think you’re coming down with strep throat or a urinary tract infection, you can communicate with your primary care provider. If you need a birth control medication, you can chat through your needs and get a same-day prescription. It’s helpful for a variety of other health issues including following up on medications and mental health conditions. Colds and flu, insect bites, sore throats, sinus infections, diarrhea, and pink eye are some other common issues addressed using telemedicine.


Telemedicine isn’t appropriate for emergency situations like heart attack or stroke, cuts or lacerations, or broken bones that require x-rays, splints, or casts. Anything that requires immediate, hands-on care should be handled in person. However, telemedicine is very useful for simple issues and follow-up consultations.


Well Child Resources and Education



Well Woman and Well Man Screening Recommendations


The guidelines below are based on the current US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for routine screening. Not all routine screening recommendations are represented below and because all recommendations should be individualized based on past and current personal and family history you should discuss the need for routine screenings with your healthcare provider.


Routine screenings are addressed during your yearly wellness exam visit, which means scheduling your annual wellness exam is vitally important to your health and wellness. We recommend that all clients, regardless of age or health status, have once yearly wellness exams that are dedicated only to preventative health and wellness such as addressing breast/cervical/colon/lung/prostate cancer screenings, checking annual labs and updating routine immunizations.



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